30 Day Art Challenge

2015-09-01 23:34:31 by Robotao

So i'm about half way through my self proclaimed "30 day art challenge" where I draw something every day in order to build a better habit, to replace some negative one. 

So, for the very few people who are around, I encourage you to do one yourself! 

If you're a musician, one song piece a day, an artist, one drawing, game dev, one scene! 

It's helped me alot, so I think it could be beneficial to you. 


New to these grounds.

2014-06-17 17:56:59 by Robotao

Hello, I'm Tyler Clark(Robotao) and I've decided to create an account because this seems like an interesting place to improve my skills and get honest feedback on some of the projects I work on.  Currently I'm working on a small game "Lunexa", learning how to animate, and going to college for Computer Science, with a focus on Javascript.  I minor in physics and in accounting, and work at a job that supports these interests.

Thanks for stopping by